Anger Management

It matters a great deal what you do when you become angry. You stir up trouble, make enemies or ruin chances. But by properly handling your anger, you can keep situations under control, cement friendships, win respect and stay healthy (Read and memorize - Proverbs 19:11)

When you get angry just take a minute and talk to yourself into being sensible. This procedure will slow down your anger, and keep you rise above insults (Read and memorize - James 1:19)

The longer you can keep quiet, the more effective your reactions will be. Don't say whatever comes out of your mouth without thinking. Say nothing! Keep quiet! Make no reply. Be swift yo hear, slow to speak and slow to anger (Read and memorize - Ephesians 4:26).

Get rid of anger every night and do not make it accumulate, forgive, keep a clean slate for tomorrow is another day!!!