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Dear Ministry Partner,

New Year’s greetings from us to you our wonderful ministry partner. We hope that you are doing well at the start of the New Year 2014.

All of us out here in Aletheia ministries, in Sierra Leone are doing fine by the grace of God. Ministry for us has been very exciting, as God continues to give us unbelievable opportunities to reach the lost with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, and discipling many more, helping them attain conformity into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is what has kept us busy enough to not write to you for a while.

There is an area in our city outskirt, which is close to Regent village, called GUMA.  This is a fast developing settlement with a lot of muslims, and it has been our targeted area for evangelism since the end of last year 2013, till January 16th,  2014. Our goal during this outreach was to give an opportunity to everyone in every household, in the high way and by ways, in the street corners, at the farm, in the market place and by the riverside. That’s exactly what God allowed us to do. We were able to reach 835 people, with amazingly 734 salvations, of which 258 were muslims. This has been very encouraging for us. We have started seeing some of them come to our church on Wednesdays and Sundays. We are working hard every week on a follow up program with them. We planned on finding a place for a weekly bible study for them as well, so that we could teach them on the foundational doctrines of the faith. Only God knows how this is going to turn out at the end.

At the second week of February 2014, we will be having a Pastors training conference, at  the Southern Province of Moyamba. This training is to help equip the pastors with principles of bible study methods, and to start taking them through our DM2 Romans 1-8 training program. This training will not only give them tools to study and rightly divide God’s word, but it will also give them understanding on salvation and God’s plan for the believer in Jesus Christ.

March is going to be a very busy month for us. There is going to be the training of the chaplaincy of the armed forces in our country. It is already approved by the head of the armed forces, and their Pastors for the army, police, fire fighters, etc, from all over the country, will come together from March 3rd to 7th, 2014, for 7 hours each day. I will be teaching them on the church, what is it, God’s purpose for it, the responsibility of the pastor teacher, and how to fulfill it, which will lead to how to study God’s word (bible study method principles). The authorities have already asked that we organize this event annually.

My family is doing well. Simone is still waiting for what God will do for her on her further studies at school. Please pray for us in this area. It is a huge challenge for us. Nathan turned five on January 13, Geogiana celebrated her 43 birthday on January 20th, and Donald celebrated his 14th birthday on January 25. I am still trying to recover from tiredness with all the ministry activities that’s going on. Bible school continues as we round up with systematic theology. We continue to study the book of Jude in church, as God continues to add more number into our church family.

Please pray for us: For more of God’s grace as we serve Him, for strength for me to continue with ministry work, for funds to build our church/ conference center structure, for funds to pay our kids school fees, take care of ministry and my home. We continue to pray for you. Many thanks to you from our hearts with gratitude, for all you did for us in 2013. You are one of the reasons why we were able to do what we did, and continue to do. Thank you ever so much.

We will write again soon.

In Him Alone and For His Glory,

Michael Turay


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